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Eurogas Central and Eastern European Conference (CEEC) | 7-8 October 2019, Riga

The 5th edition of Eurogas Central and Eastern European Conference (CEEC) will address the issue of “The Baltic Region: Setting the pace for gas market integration”, with a particular focus on the functioning of the regional gas market, as well as the potential of LNG and the value of storage. Registration is open, join us for the debate!

Gas is a vital part of a clean and renewable energy future

Gas - natural, decarbonised and renewable – is the backbone of the energy transition and low-carbon economy of the future. It will play a significant role in delivering clean energy for all Europeans by 2030 and helping the EU achieve its 2050 climate goals.

Welcome to Eurogas

Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors in relation to relevant EU institutions. The aim of Eurogas is to strengthen the role of gas in a sustainable and competitive EU energy market.