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Eurogas is an association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors towards the EU institutions. Founded in 1990, Eurogas currently comprises 56 companies and associations from 24 countries.

Eurogas is in the EU Transparency Register: 17909506129-41

Eurogas aims to strengthen the role of gas in the energy mix through ongoing dialogue with European industry players, global gas producers, and relevant institutions and organisations.

Eurogas promotes the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market, supports the EU’s climate goals, and provides structured support to its members on EU policy issues.

Our vision is for a robust European gas market that supports energy efficiency, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction and the development of renewable energy, while also encouraging competitiveness, enhancing security of supply and delivering benefits to customers.

The overarching objective of Eurogas is to strengthen the role of gas in a sustainable and competitive EU energy market by:

  • Helping to improve knowledge of gas and its use in Europe, including its performance and benefits.
  • Supporting information exchange on gas issues of general interest with public and private players.
  • Promoting the development of gas by supporting studies in legal, economic, technical and scientific fields.
  • Promoting the smooth functioning of the internal gas market and, within its field of competence, any activity that may contribute to sustainable development in Europe.
  • Taking position on relevant EU legislative and political issues vis-à-vis European institutions and other stakeholders.