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AnaΓ―s Faucher

Policy Intern

affinity 720L x 1076H

Andreas Guth

Policy Director

affinity 720L x 1076H

Bilall Bahia

Head of Finance and Administration

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Bronagh O’Hagan

Communications Director

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Gabriele Nicotra

Policy Intern

affinity 720L x 1076H

Gunnar Steck

Enquidity, Executive Advisor Wholesale

affinity 720L x 1076H

James Watson

Secretary General

affinity 720L x 1076H

Katerina Zikmundova

Events Director

affinity 720L x 1076H

Kathleen Sinnott

Events Coordinator

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Laura Bosetti

Policy Advisor

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Marta Gostynska

Policy Communications Advisor

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Martina Bassan

Policy Communications

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Valentina Tonut

PA to the Secretary General

202110_Eurogas_029-Edit copy

Victor Bernabeu

Senior Policy Advisor