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Eurogas is pleased to be a partner at the Hydrogen Transportation & Distribution event (6-7 May 2021, virtual conference). 











Producing and using green hydrogen is the future, however, when it comes to distribution and how can we manage to have long-distance transportation, there are still numbers of challenge and discussion going on within the industry, for example, the support of current infrastructure, networks development, European Hydrogen Backbone project…etc. This event provides a platform for decision-makers and key parties to exchange the latest knowledge, strategies, and opinions to tackle the challenges and create a greener future.


European Hydrogen Backbone

Large scale testing of infrastructure for repurposing to hydrogen

Global supply and demand of hydrogen

Economical and Infrastructural innovations

Cost-effective – EU hydrogen infrastructure – Transmission and Storage

Southern Company Gas’ approach to hydrogen relative to natural gas infrastructure


More information on this event is available here.