Freddie Sherratt July Art Winner

Europe’s Industrial Energy: Art Competition

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From 1 July 2020 the Eurogas Secretariat is hosting an art competition called, “Europe’s Industrial Energy”. One winner a month will be selected and the work will be displayed as the cover photo of our Twitter feed, as well as on our LinkedIn and our website. The piece can be a painting, sketch, technical drawing, a blueprint or a photograph, and must depict what the creator considers to show both industrial and energy elements.

A short description of the work (maximum of 500 words please) should include the artist’s name and the piece’s title, as well as the artist’s intention with the piece.

This is a fully inclusive competition. We sincerely encourage submissions from students, school pupils, engineers, architects, as well as both amateur and professional artists and photographers in Europe. We will consider all submissions equally.

Once selected, the chosen piece of art will be displayed for one month as the cover photo of the Eurogas Twitter page, as well as on our LinkedIn page and our website.

To submit a piece for consideration, please email:

The first winner of our Europe’s Industrial Energy competition is Mr Freddie Sherratt, who submitted this image of a drone.

Freddie has been developing drones capable of autonomously detecting obstacles and avoiding them. The aircraft use a range of locating and distance measuring sensors. They have been built as part of the University of Bath’s award-winning entries into the European Robotics League competitions.

While primarily designed with search and rescue capabilities they can carry a wide variety of payloads and could include sensors for inspection of industrial plants or gas pipelines and installations by adapting them to include multispectral cameras or gas sensors. This would allow detailed remote inspection of hazardous environments without risk to life or the need for expensive helicopters.

Freddie Sherratt is working towards his PhD in Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Bath in Great Britain and holds an MEng in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering