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Committed to carbon neutrality by 2050

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Eurogas supports the European Climate Law and believes only a cost-effective combination of all decarbonisation options can deliver the EU 2050 climate neutrality. The 2050 pathway must include natural, renewable and decarbonised gas in combination with carbon capture utilisation and storage.

Scaling demand and technologies for renewable and decarbonised gas would contribute to delivering net zero emissions and providing wealth and jobs for Europeans.

A credible plan for scaling all decarbonisation options, including natural, renewable and decarbonised gas and CCS technologies, is integral to successfully delivering on the Climate Law.

Decarbonising the energy system is an opportunity for the EU. It gives Europe a chance to create jobs and wealth for European citizens, as long as we create a market for renewable and decarbonised gas. Gas also facilitates the integration of variable renewable electricity and is necessary to balance its production.

The gas industry is committed to reducing methane emissions in relation to natural gas. As a signatory to the Methane Guiding Principles, a voluntary initiative, Eurogas is working with a coalition of industry, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and academics to further tackle energy related methane emissions.

It includes cooperating on advancing strong performance across value chains, improving transparency and data accuracy, supporting best practice implementation across the EU whilst positively engaging in dialogue on methane regulation with policymakers.

The successful decarbonisation of the gas system will require a competitive, liquid and integrated single EU gas market. In some parts of Europe further progress should be made to implement the Third Gas Package and Network Codes.

The EU’s security of supply measures along with the completion of missing infrastructure links and an effective market-driven approach will support the pivotal role that gas needs to play in all energy sectors for the EU to reach its energy and climate goals in a cost-efficient way.