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External energy policy

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Gas supply security is a focal point of the Energy Union concept. The EU’s security of supply measures along with the completion of missing infrastructure links and a market-driven approach will enhance supply security and support the pivotal role that gas needs to play in all energy sectors for the EU to reach its energy and climate goals in a cost-efficient way.

Gas is a highly reliable energy source due to its robust infrastructure and diverse supplies from inside and outside the EU.  International gas trading is also important for balanced commercial relationships with Europe’s neighbouring countries.

EU gas supplies (including both natural gas and liquefied natural gas [LNG]) are based on diverse sources and routes, coming from the EU, Norway, Russia and North Africa. In the future, supplies will or can also reach the EU from Azerbaijan and further afield.

By signalling security of demand, the EU can remain attractive to both European and global producers, thereby encouraging further diversification of gas sources and routes. Supply security can also be enhanced by facilitating market-based investment in gas infrastructure so that no Member State remains dependent on a single source or supply route.