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Legislation has been extended to cover trading in energy and other commodities to avoid abusive or anti-competitive behaviour and to protect those involved in or affected by trading. High market integrity, investor protection and transparency, which Eurogas fully supports, are key aims of the legislation.

At the same time, Eurogas cautions against increasing complexity and costly, administrative burdens that could discourage companies from the trading that is vital for their business of buying and selling gas and for a liquid market overall.

A holistic approach to the energy system will be key to ensuring sustainability. A technology-neutral approach is needed to ensure that existing gas assets can continue to be used, increasingly with decarbonised and renewable gas, to achieve the energy transition. To create a sound and diverse sustainable economy at the lowest cost, all options should remain available.

Taxation in the area of energy should be designed in such a way that energy remains affordable to all customers. Moreover, taxation rules should not stand in the way of fair competition and should prevent abuse. While taxation remains largely a national matter, it is aligned with the energy and climate objectives of the EU.