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Regulatory framework covering natural, renewable, decarbonised gas

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The EU gas system should be decarbonised through a fit for purpose policy framework, which includes scaling up renewable and decarbonised gases. A predictable regulatory environment for innovation and investment in renewable and decarbonised gas technologies is necessary to generate investor confidence.

The establishment of a technology neutral, binding EU-level target for renewable and decarbonised gas is therefore essential. This target could be easily and flexibly implemented at national level through the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plans.

Guarantees of Origin prove and disclose the renewable or decarbonised nature of gas. Under RED II, Guarantees of Origin will become mandatory for renewable electricity and renewable gas in all Member States. This must be extended also to energy from non-renewable sources, such as low-carbon and decarbonised gas.

The rollout of renewable and decarbonised gases should be supported by a harmonized EU framework for Guarantees of Origin covering all gases to ensure transparency and tradability across the EU. It should cover renewable and decarbonised gases and ensure that adequate information is disclosed for consumer and end-user information.

Investments in gas technologies and its infrastructure can support the energy transition. Gas remains crucial in facilitating the integration of renewable and decarbonised energy and lowering the overall societal cost of the energy transition. Efforts supporting and facilitating the decarbonisation of the whole gas value chain should therefore be considered as environmentally sustainable investments.

Private and public funding should be channelled towards the scaling and integration of renewable and decarbonised gases. Technology neutrality is primary to the definition of rules to determine which future investments should be considered sustainable.