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President’s Message
Gertjan lankhorst,
This annual Activity Report is presented to you in a special year: in 2015 Eurogas celebrates its 25th anniversary. In the decades that lie behind us, many things have changed, but the pivotal role of gas has not. On the contrary, its share of the world’s energy markets has grown. Gas has been a success story in Europe, despite the recent decline of sales volumes. In 2014, gas accounted for 23% of Europe’s total energy demand and I don’t expect that share to change fundamentally any time soon.
Eurogas was founded at the beginning of a new era, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when market liberalisation and privatisation had become the corner stones of Western economic policy. A lot has been achieved since then, both in the energy market in general and the gas market in particular. Here, the European Union has proved its worth and indispensability. The first of three energy legislation packages dates back to 1998. The first Directive (No. 98/30/EC) concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas came into force in that same year. A year before, the European Commission had published a Communication on the energy dimension of climate change. This does not only prove the foresight of the European institutions, it also underlines how difficult these issues are. Almost twenty years later we are still struggling with important aspects of them. Since then, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council have agreed on a number of Directives and Regulations. The Commission has also brought out dozens of Communications and papers on these very subjects. For instance, last year saw Communications on energy efficiency and its contribution

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