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Facilitating renewable gas through the revision to the Renewable Energy Directive
CEDEC, European Biogas Association, Eurogas, GEODE,
Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), Hydrogen Europe and NGVA Europe issue a joint statement setting
out the reasons why renewable gases can play a critical role in the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy mix. Statement includes a list of related items to be included in a revised Renewable Energy Directive.
GasNaturally GasWeek
Several events hosted by MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg focus on the role of gas and gas working with renewables in key areas of innovation. Urban air quality and gas vehicles as a catalyst for reducing EU road transport emissions are also addressed.
European Commission issues legislative package ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’
The revision of electricity market design and the Directives on energy ef ciency, the energy performance of buildings and renewable energy sources are the gas-relevant elements of the package. Final texts show that many messages Eurogas has conveyed on the importance of natural and renewable gas have been heard.
Recommendations for incentivising innovation in the gas DSO sector
This paper presents real-life examples of innovation driven by DSOs, while also setting out challenges they face when seeking to innovate. Practical recommendations are given for a regulatory framework that enhances the investment climate for innovation by gas DSOs.
October 2016
Recommendations for incentivising innovation in the gas DSO sector
This paper sets out the status and challenges facing gas DSOs when investing in innovation. It describes a list of recommendations to establish a regulatory framework, which enhances the investment climate for such innovation. Throughout the paper are examples of real life innovation being carried out by gas DSOs.
Position Paper
New Eurogas data estimates 6% increase in gas demand in 2016
A press release communicates  ndings from the Eurogas annual survey, which show a rise in gas demand due to greater gas use in power generation and transport, as well as signs of revival in industrial activity.
Eurogas President Klaus Schäfer urges European Parliament and Council to make the ETS work
In this press release, he calls upon the European Parliament and Council to seize the unique opportunity
to turn the EU Emissions Trading System into the most cost-ef cient instrument to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or face a host
of uncoordinated national decarbonisation measures.
Gas innovation:
Gateway to a sustainable future
120 participants from EU institutions, industry, think tanks and associations attend the Eurogas annual conference. Three panels with expert speakers from different spheres debate on innovation and on how gas can help transform the energy system to be low-carbon, ef cient and renewable as well as  exible, customer-orientated and competitive.

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