Today DSOs distribute gas to over 118 million customers, across the residential, industrial and power sectors through more than 2.21 million kilometres of pipelines in a cost-efficient way. The natural and renewable gas, distributed by DSOs, can ensure a low-disruption energy transition by limiting cumbersome shifts away from highly efficient final uses for customers. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) DSOs have vital responsibilities in: · · delivering natural gas to final customers · · providing cost-efficient solutions to decarbonise society, through the existing gas infrastructure · · ensuring security of supply and safety of delivery to customers · · developing a smarter grid and protecting customer data through innovative solutions. Key link to consumers and rolling out renewable gas PRODUCTION TRANSPORT STORAGE DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL GAS CLIENT Gas distribution networks play a key role in rolling out renewable gases: · · biomethane and synthetic gas can be injected directly into the existing grid and mixed with natural gas, thereby in no way affecting end- uses for customers · · they are a viable solution to improve air quality in cities, reduce NOx and particulate matter emissions through use of gas in mobility · · they improve supply security and energy independence through local production.