As new types of renewable gases – biomethane, synthetic gas, hydrogen – are being produced as well as new supply sources appear, this brings more diversity in the physical properties of gas. The UK’s national gas quality standards are based on the composition of North Sea gas. However, with new gas sources now in use, this national standard increases the cost of imported gas. In this context, Scottish Gas Networks (SGN) put forward the ‘Oban’ project seeking to assess the potential for incorporating a wider array of gases into the network, notably renewable gases. This pilot project in Oban – a small town in Western Scotland – hopes to demonstrate that the national standards could be revised to open up the gas market and bring safer supply and lower prices. Oban was selected as an ideal location for this trial as vehicles transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the mains network rather than a direct connection; making it much easier for SGN to alter the supply and perform a comprehensive assessment. Striving for customer satisfaction Oban project,Western Scotland Scottish Gas Networks is a DSO that manages the distribution of gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south of England.