Gas and glass - Guide to the future Smart grids in Southern Germany The issue of cost optimisation is crucial for DSOs when expanding or expanding infrastructure to benefit consumers. In this respect, the “Gas and glass” project in the Bavarian community of Tussenhausen was launched in June 2016 with the intention to bring fast internet to rural Bavaria through integrating fibre-optic cables into the gas distribution grid. In Tussenhausen 25 km of natural gas distribution pipes and empty conduits will be laid into the ground. A newly designed combined wall-entry makes the connection less disruptive for the consumer. The fibre-optic network becomes operational when the actual glass fibre is blown into the empty conduit, after which it will be leased to an ICT company. More than 70 % of the 1 000 house owners decided to join the project. With the installation ofnewefficientgasheatingandmicroCHP,3000 tonsofCO2or50%ofpresentdayemissionswill be saved annually. Meanwhile customers will benefit from a 300 Mbit/s internet connection. For many smaller communities in rural areas this project offers the great opportunity to combine modern low carbon heating with digitalisation. Erdgas Schwaben has been firmly rooted in the region for more than 60 years offering natural gas, biomethane, electricity, green electricity, Power-to-gas as well as contracting.