Current power transmission and distribution networks are not designed to allow unlimited electricity injection which can lead to congestion and wasted energy. The STORE&GO project aims to study the feasibility of long-term storage, bringing together engineers from Italy, Germany and Switzerland to find a solution to this overarching issue. The STORE&GO project goes beyond the state of the art power-to-gas technology and focuses on the daily operation of the European energy grids to investigate the level of maturity of this technology. The three countries in which the project is based allow for the following variables to be tested: · · variable renewable electricity mixes from various sources · · different consumption patterns · · different levels of electricity and gas grid operation · · varied sources of CO2 and various methanation technologies · · different types of heat integration. The STORE&GO project will be demonstrated at a scale between 200kW and 1 MW in for a runtime of about two years. The resulting product – synthetic gas – will be injected into the existing grid and delivered to customers, laying the groundwork for a smarter and more coordinated design of networks. Integrating power-to-gas technology into future energy system STORE&GO project, Italy, Germany, Switzerland