Turning waste water into compressed natural gas for transport Smart Green Gas project, Spain As the energy transition is accelerating across the EU, the interest for innovative technologies to produce renewable gas is growing. To this end, a consortium of Spanish gas stakeholders, supported by the Spanish government, has launched an innovative ‘Smart Green Gas project’. The project aims to obtain renewable biofuel from waste water to then be used in compressed natural gas (CNG) powered cars. The Smart Green Gas project is based on three activities: · · developing next-generation highly-efficient systems to produce biogas · · establishing new ground-breaking biogas treatment and repurposing systems · · providing innovative solutions for the smart control and distribution of biomethane. Gas Natural Distribucion brings together a total of 11 distribution companies responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of 53 042 km of network and 5.3 million consumers in more than 1 000 towns and cities connected to this network. www.gasnaturaldistribucion.com Gas Natural Fenosa Engineering is leading in the development of systems for the control and smart and specialised distribution of biomethane. Now that the specifications and procurement of the necessary metering equipment have been undertaken, the following step in the process will be validating this equipment at the wastewater plant of FCC in Jerez de la Frontera, scheduled for the second semester of 2017.